Adjusting and supplementing the Fisheries Law

Thuy sanAccording to Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, Deputy Director of Legislation (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development): To promote the Fisheries Act more effective, there should have the adjustment or supplement as it is required from reality after 5 years Fisheries Law has been implemented.

At this time, The Legal Department is chaired research, propose amendments to ensure the Fisheries Law in accordance with the provisions of current law as the Land Law, Law on Biodiversity, Project of Safe food hygiene Law... meet the needs of development, integration towards industrialization and modernization; comply with concerned international treaties.

To make the Fisheries Law really go into life, firstly, we need to raise awareness of executing laws of the people, as well as mechanisms for infrastructure investment, fishery equipment, advanced skills, techniques for farmers. In addition, this industry would consider to make appropriate provisions, such as regulations on equipment for fishing vessels when going out to sea, to ensure value of the product after mining increased; problems of fishery statistics, surveys and assessment of aquatic resources. Law will also adjust to encourage the development of offshore fishing vessels, simultaneous there are regulations; guidelines reorganize production and conversion career structure in mining activities near shore fisheries.

Fisheries Law has effect from July 1, 2004, create a legal corridor for organizations and individuals manufacturing and trading of aquatic products required responsibilities of State agencies, people's committees at all levels as well as responsible for coordination of the ministries and branches in the management of fisheries activities.